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Supported Independent Living

If you’re considering Supported Independent Living for yourself or a family member, McCall Gardens can help.

We offer supported independent living options such as shared community homes, shared and individual villas, in the Hawkesbury, Blacktown and Hills Shire areas of Western Sydney. When you choose one of our Supported Independent Living homes, we take time to understand what you need and what’s important to you. We want you to have the right mix of independence, support, companionship and access to your local community.

At McCall Gardens, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life and feel comfortable and supported in their home. So, we’re happy to help you organise and manage your move, to make sure you feel positive about your new home.

What do you need to know about moving?

It’s not unusual to feel nervous and excited when you’re moving to a new home. It helps to have an idea of what to expect. That’s why we’ve broken down the steps below.


You will need to work with a service provider and the NDIA to make sure you will be eligible for Supported Independent Living (SIL). This will require an assessment by a registered Occupational Therapist. You will also need to speak to the NDIA to make sure they consider Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA is the funding that you require to contribute to the asset or “rent” for the home you will live in.

Step 1

Planning your move we work with you and your family to make a moving plan that everyone agrees with and understands. We help you think about:

  • Where your home will be
  • Who you will live with
  • What we can do to support you before, during and after your move
  • How much will I have to pay to live in this type of accommodation?
  • What does my funding cover?

Step 2

Preparing for your new home we get to know you and learn what’s important to you. We ask you and your family:

  • Do you need any equipment?
  • Do you need to purchase furniture?
  • What’s your usual daily routine?
  • What activities, community participation and appointments will you need support with, before and after your move?
  • What skills and shared interests would you like staff to have, so they can best support you?
  • What does my funding cover?

Step 3

Moving to your new home on moving day, your moving plan helps things go smoothly because we all know what to expect and we understand the support you need.

Step 4

Settling in to your homeits important to us you feel at home. We will work with you on all the finishing touches to make sure your space is personalized to your needs, comforts and likes.

Does this sound like the right move for you?

If you have an NDIS plan that includes assistance to support you in shared living arrangements or you qualify for shared living, contact the friendly team at McCall Gardens.

To have a chat about your options, call us on 02 9679 1031 or complete the form below.

(Please note: your enquiry doesn’t guarantee a shared living placement and your expression of interest isn’t binding for you or McCall Gardens.)

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